Our lighting expert can guide you through the process of choosing the perfect fixtures to complete your project's design. Some of our favorite brands include Visual Comfort, Hunter Fan, and Crystorama. Our large selection includes fixtures for indoors or out, as well as fans. We can meet to review floor plans or do a site walkthrough to determine correct sizing and styles. Just replacing a single fixture? No problem, we can help with that too!

Lighting by Category

Illuminate and enhance any space with our selection of chandeliers. Not only do chandeliers add ambiance to any space, but they can also set the mood and design style of your space. Chandeliers are often used over dining tables or in large rooms requiring more visual interest. They may include sculptural features, dazzling crystals, or unique finishes, and they are available in a variety of sizes and tiers.


Pendant lighting refers to a single fixture that is hung from the ceiling by a cord, chain, or metal rod. Often, pendants are hung in multiples over kitchen islands, worktables, or pool tables. To create a more modern flair, pendants can also be hung in multiples but at differing heights which creates much more visual interest. Shade styles can vary from paper or linen shades to clear or frosted glass. Sometimes pendants do not even require a shade and use a specialty shaped lightbulb instead.

Pendant Lighting

Lighting that is hung on the wall, either above or on each side of a vanity mirror, is what we refer to as vanity lighting. If hung above, a vanity light can range from a single bulb to a four or five light fixture depending on the space available. When lighting is hung on either side of the mirror, that is often referred to as a sconce fixture. A vanity sconce may include a single bulb or up to three bulbs depending on the style. Often, vanity lighting is used in bathrooms but can also be used at dressing tables without sinks. Shades for vanity lighting can range from glass to linen to paper shades.

Vanity Lighting

A sconce is a type of light fixture that is mounted to a wall. Sconces were historically used with candles and oil lamps, and currently they can still be used in that manner but are often electrified now. They can provide general room lighting--common in hallways and corridors, but they may be also used on either side of a vanity or bathroom sink. Sconces can be highly decorative, including sculptural designs or crystal embellishments, but they can also be very streamlined and minimal depending on the design style.


Used for circulating air in a room, ceiling fans are used in multiple applications throughout a home. Many fans are designed with lighting incorporated as a single bulb or multiple bulbs. They can come as ‘damp rated’ which allows them to be used on covered porches, balconies, or a space which contains moisture. Different widths are available for different size spaces, and long down rods may be used to lower the fan within a high ceiling area. ‘Fandeliers’ are also a relatively new concept within the ceiling fan industry, and the name refers to a fixture that is both a ceiling fan and a chandelier. This is a great concept for bathrooms that require extra air flow but may not be a preferred area to hang a traditional ceiling fan.

Ceiling Fans

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